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Our Staff 

Our staff have been hand selected for their skill sets.  Each teacher has come t9 EICK with experience in child care.  They all have been through Ohio's OCCRA training and certification program which allows them to work in a preschool center.  Many of our staff have either an Early Childhood Development Degree or other Education Degree. Others are in school earning their degrees.  You can check below to see staff credentials.  We provide continuing professional education for staff by assigning relevant online trainings, brining in instructional coaches to work with staff in the classrooms, and provide STEAM training to our staff.  Our pricing allows us to provide staff with a career that limits staff change that is so prevalent in child care centers today.  Our staff co-teach and are provided the time so important to document and assess learning, to modify learning for students, to provide individualized attention as needed,  keep ongoing student portfolios that can transfer to schools as they enter their K-12 education institution, along with meaningful communication and face-to-face meetings with parents.

Administration- Miss Patricia 

  • BA Computer Science

  • Masters Math, Science Teaching

  • Technology Integration

  • Masters Curriculum, Technology and Educational Reform

  • ABD Knowledge Technologies

  • Administration PK-12

 Kindergarten Teacher -Miss Tricia

  • Kindergarten

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Wellness Coordinator

  • Tutoring Coordinator

  • Bachelor in Elementary Education

 Teacher - -Miss Kerrigan

  • Preschool Program

  • Early Childhood

 Teacher -Miss Kristen

  • Kindergarten Prep 

  • Early Childhood

 Teacher -Miss Jill

  • Early Childhood 

  • School Age

  • Bachelor's in Education

  • Intervention Specialist License 

 Administrator -Miss Jordon

  • Leadership/ Administration

  • Associate in Early Childhood Development

 Asst. Admin --Miss Carrie

  • Leadership

  • STEAM Program

  • Early Childhood & School Age Program

  • Enrichment Program

 Teacher -Miss Malika

  • Early Preschool Program Leader

  • Applied Sciences in Forestry and Finance

  • Associate in Early Childhood Development

 Teacher -Miss Hannah

  • Early Preschool Program 

  • Bachelor's Degree Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Certification in Exceptional Education Cross Categorical

 Teacher -Miss Tiffany

  • Preschool Program

  • Early Childhood

 Teacher -Miss Aneasha

  • Kindergarten Prep Program Leader

  • Early Childhood 

  • Currently in school studying Music Production/Music Therapy/Communications 

 Teacher - Miss Elizabeth

  • Kindergarten Prep Program

  • STEAM Education

  • School Age

  • Early Childhood

Licensed -  Therapy 


 Teacher -Miss Alyssa

  • STEAM Education

  • School Age 

  • Associate in Early Childhood Development

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