Our Staff 

Our staff have been hand selected for their skill sets.  Each teacher is licensed, holds a degree, and is experienced.  Our pricing allows us to provide staff with a career that limits staff change that is so prevalent in child care centers today.  Our staff co-teach and are provided the time so important to document and assess learning, to modify learning for students, to provide individualized attention as needed,  keep ongoing student portfolios that can transfer to schools as they enter their K-12 education institution, along with meaningful communication and face-to-face meetings with parents.

Administrator - Miss Patricia 

  • Computer Science

  • Math, Science Teaching

  • Technology Integration

  • Curriculum, Technology and Educational Reform

  • Knowledge Technologies

  • Administration PK-12

Director -Miss Heather

  • Liberal Arts & Science-Humanities & Social Science-Elementary Education PREK-6

  • Early Childhood

 Lead Curriculum Innovator/   Assistant Director
-Miss Hannah

  • BA English

  • Early Childhood

  • TEFL Certified

  • Preschool Program

 Teacher -Miss Malika

  • Applied Sciences in Forestry and Finance

  • Early Childhood - CDA

  • Early Preschool Program

 Teacher -Miss Jordon

  • Elementary Education

  • Early Childhood

  • Kindergarten Prep

 Teacher  -Mr. Joshua

  • Masters in Education

  • BA Communications

  • Private Kindergarten

  • TEFL Certified - Online Teacher

  • School Age/Summer Camp

  • Enrichment

 Teacher -Miss Tricia

  • Bachelor in Education

  • Early Childhood

  • Kindergarten Prep

 Teacher -Miss Jessica

  • Psychology

  • Early Childhood

 Teacher -Miss Maegan

  • Early Childhood

  • Nursing/Psychology

  • Preschool

 Teacher Support -Miss Aneisha

  • Early Childhood 

 Teacher Support -Miss Jill

  • Early Childhood 

  • Special Education 

  • Enrichment

 Teacher -Mr. Aaron Henderson


  • Early Childhood & School Age

 Teacher Support -Mr. Andrew   Mink

  • School Age Summer Camp

  • Early Childhood

 Teacher -Miss Carrie Gray

  • Preschool

  • Early Childhood