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 Public Funded Childcare Students Welcome

Programs are designed around age-appropriate experiential design-driven learning.  Tied to the Reggio Emilio philosophy, the learning promotes creativity, imagination, collaboration, and critical thinking that develops a child's innate curiosity through a personalized, whole-student approach to learning.  While programs support implementation of Ohio Early Learning Standards, they embrace seeding the skill sets needed for careers in the 21st Century including the art of entrepreneurship.  In addition, students develop global/nature awareness, an appreciation for cultural diversity, and exposure to the arts, music, drama, physical development, and language.  


The school will be utilizing the Highscope curriculum that aligns to the state standards and is endorsed by the state.  This curriculum allows children to have choice in their own daily schedule and learning interests with the teacher as a facilitator who guides the process. This integrates into the Reggio Emilio philosophy the school has embraced.  Students learn to make good choices, to recoup from failure, and to utilize the design-thinking process to problem-solve and innovate.  The STEM/ innovation and fine arts labs will expand Century 21 skills and provide added design opportunities.  Teachers will be facilitating experiential learning.  

Students will be assessed through triangulation with Renaissance 'Star' Early Literacy which is utilized by most K-12 schools, Highscope Assessment, and teacher documentation.  The data can be transferable to the K-12 schools as students transfer to  Kindergarten.   

The low ratio Kindergarten utilizes Learning Without Tears,, and Creative Curriculums.  


The school has a hands-on library, virtual and augmented reality for immersive field trips around the world, a fine arts program, and a fabrication/innovation lab, specialized screen-free technology, and soon to be implemented outside classroom which our students will help design.  Each program includes parent meetings and input, individual assessments and student portfolios, and a caring staff that is provided the time to plan, document learning, properly assess students, modify lessons, and communicate with parents regularly.  Our teachers have the ability to modify programs based upon student needs due to the extended planning time they are provided.  Parents are always invited to stop in and experience programs with their students. 


Need more information; email Administration at:
  • Multi-student discounts available .

  • 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 

  • Staff have FBI and BCI background checks and randomly drug tested.

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